Image of the City of Regina

Photographic Records

The City of Regina Archives photograph collection contains over 25,000 photographic prints, slides and negatives. The material dates from the early 1880’s to the 1980’s and includes a wide variety of images. Downtown buildings and street scenes are prominently featured, as are civic politicians. A large series of material was donated to the Archives by the Regina Public Library in 1992.

The photographic prints from this material are frequently utilized and have proven to be an excellent addition to this collection. 2 sets of Aerial Photographs, one from the 1950’s and one from the 1960’s were donated by the City’s Municipal Engineering Department. The 1951 aerial photographs have been scanned and are available in the City of Regina GIS system. These photographs have been tiled to match the current GIS photographs. Photo tiles from the GIS system (from 1951 or present day) can be purchased for $10 per tile from Planning and Development Division or from the Public Works Division.

Photograph Reproduction Price List*

Size Black & White Colour

4” x 5”



5” x 7”



8” x 10”



11” x 14”



16” x 20”



*Prices do not include G.S.T. and P.S.T.

You will be charged $6 per item if a negative must be prepared to produce your order. All negatives remain property of the City of Regina Archives.