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Default Convictions

A default conviction may be entered against you concerning your parking violation if you receive a parking summons and you DO NOT either:

  • make the voluntary payment listed on the summons in advance of your court date listed in your summons
  • contact the City Prosecutor to arrange for a different date to appear in court if you can’t attend
  • send an agent to court on the date listed in your summons to enter a plea
  • appear on your agreed trial date

The Justice of the Peace enters a default conviction when you do not appear on your court date. A default conviction can be entered without holding a trial and it in effect deems you guilty of your offence.

If you receive a default conviction

After a default conviction is entered against you, you will be notified by mail of the default conviction. Your mailed notification will list the date set by the court for you to pay the fine listed in your default conviction letter. If you do not make your payments before the date listed in your Notice of Deemed Conviction Letter, the City of Regina:

  • will impose a $40 late payment charge per parking ticket
  • may register a lien against your vehicle(s)
  • may seize, impound and sell your vehicle(s)
  • may request the court to issue a Warrant of Committal  

Note: If there were unusual circumstances or reasons why you could not appear at court, you can apply to have your case re-opened. To do this, you must complete and submit a re-opening application form within 30 days of becoming aware of your default conviction. These forms are available upon request from:

Office of the City Prosecutor
10th floor
City Hall
2476 Victoria Avenue, Regina