Image of the City of Regina

First Court Appearance

Exterior of Provincial Court HouseYou must appear in court the morning of the date listed on your parking summons. All parking offences are dealt with in "Courtroom 9" on the 3rd floor in the Provincial Courthouse at 1815 Smith Street, Regina. Municipal Court is held on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. When your case is called, you (or your agent) will be asked whether you wish to enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty.

  • Guilty You can explain the circumstances surrounding your ticket so the court can take it into account when determining your sentence. At this time, you can also ask the court for a lesser penalty and/or an extended amount of time to pay the fine. If you intend to “work off” the fine through the Fine Option Program, then it is important to ask the court for enough time to pay so that you will have enough time to "work off" the fine.
  • Not Guilty You can request a trial to hear the evidence from the City of Regina and to provide evidence to the court. 

If you or your agent DO NOT appear for your trial date, the court will enter a default conviction against you.