Image of the City of Regina

Seize/Impound/Sell Vehicles

The City of Regina can seize any of your vehicles with liens registered against them if you haven’t paid the amount identified in your Notice of Lien within 15 days of it being issued.


The City will notify Commissionaires of vehicles which can be legally seized. When a vehicle is found, Commissionaires will contact a tow truck to seize and impound the vehicle and notify the City and the Regina Police Service that the vehicle has been towed.


Your vehicle will be towed to an impound lot. If you want your vehicle released, you – as the vehicle’s owner – must pay ALL of the following charges:

  • any outstanding fine amounts
  • any outstanding late payment charges and costs
  • any outstanding lien charges
  • towing fee
  • daily storage fees


If you do not pay these charges after your vehicle has been towed and impounded, the City of Regina will mail an Intent to Sell Notice to you at the address on your vehicle registration. The Intent to Sell Notice states:

  • the City has seized and impounded your vehicle(s)
  • information about the vehicle(s) affected by the lien such as make, model and year
  • amount of unpaid parking fines, late payment charges and costs, lien charges, towing fees, and daily storage fees as of the date the vehicle was seized and impounded
  • the date that all unpaid fines, charges, and fees must be paid (15 days after the Notice is issued)

If you do not pay in full all unpaid fines, charges, and fees within 15 days, the City of Regina will sell the vehicle(s).