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Residential Parking Permits

The City of Regina offers Residential Parking Permits for residents who experience a high level of10min-parking transient parking where they live. Often, these areas are near downtown or non-residential traffic generators like hospitals or institutions. The Residential Parking Permit is intended to provide residents who live within the parameters of a time limited parking zone with an option to park in these areas.  The permit allows the holder to park their vehicle longer than the posted time limits.  It should be understood that the normal 24 hour limit continues to apply.  Residents are also eligible to purchase specific permits for their guests or specifically for the Taylor Field area.


Visitor Parking Permits - Residents may purchase up to 2 visitor parking permits so that guests can park close to home for up to 24 hours. The cost is $5/permit (plus GST) if purchased at the same time as residential parking permit and $15/permit (plus GST) if permit is purchased separately. Visitor parking permits are not available for residents in the Taylor Field area or for residents in apartments or other apartment-style dwellings. This permit will only exempt a vehicle from the posted time limit within the block abutting the address indicated on the permit. Lost or stolen permits can be replaced by paying the applicable fee.

Stadium Permit Zone (formerly Taylor Field Area) Parking Permit - With the move to Mosaic Stadium, changes are being made to the former Taylor Field Area parking zone.

taylor-field-parkingThe Stadium Permit Zone will be determined each year based on requests from residents for parking permits in the area. Residents who wish to maintain the Stadium Permit Zone on their block this year must request a Stadium Permit Zone parking permit by May 31, 2018. The parking permit is free and allows residents to park on the street during Mosaic Stadium events. Permits are valid from May 1 to April 30.

If no parking permits are issued to residents on a given block, the Stadium Permit Zone will be permanently removed and parking will be permitted on the block during stadium events. The Stadium Permit Zone will be identified by signs indicating no parking during stadium events.

To apply for a Stadium Permit Zone parking permit:

  • Visit City Hall, 2476 Victoria Avenue, between 8 a.m. and 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday
  • Bring your valid driver’s license and vehicle registration. Proof of residency will also be required if your driver’s license does not have your current address. Proof of residency includes any one of the following documents:
    • Property Tax Assessment
    • Rental or Lease Agreement
    • Utility Bill (Water, Energy, Electricity, Cable TV, or Internet)

The applicant must be a resident of a street where parking is limited to one or two hours. After the permit is issued, if the person no longer resides on the street, the permit shall be immediately returned to the City.

The permit is issued for one motor vehicle only and is not transferrable to any other vehicle.  If the ownership of the vehicle changes then the permit shall be immediately returned to the City.


Full-time Students

Full-time students attending an educational institute in Regina are eligible to purchase a residential parking permit where they reside.  The following documents must be provided:


  • Vehicle registration;
  • Student Registration Form or Student ID card; and
  • Rental or Lease agreement. 


Out-of-province students must provide a valid out-of-province vehicle registration as well as the other documents identified above.

Vehicle Ownership

All applicants are required to provide a drivers’ licence and prove vehicle ownership by providing a valid vehicle registration.

If the applicant is not the registered owner, but is the principal operator, the applicant must provide a letter from the registered owner declaring that the applicant is the principal operator of the vehicle (Example: A parent owns the vehicle but the child is the principal operator).

An applicant operating an employer-owned vehicle must provide proof of employment with the business that owns the vehicle (i.e. letter from company on company letterhead).

Appeal Process

Applicants wishing to challenge the decision to grant a permit may do so by filing an official appeal.  Appeals can be submitted by completing an Appeal Form.  A response in writing will follow within two weeks of receiving the appeal.

False Information

Applicants are reminded that submitting false information is serious and will result in cancellation of the permit without a refund.

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