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Residential Parking Zones

If you and your neighbours are finding it difficult to park in front of your homes because of non-residents parking on your street while they’re at school, a sports field/complex, or new business, you can apply for a residential parking zone.

Residential parking zones must extend a minimum of 3 city blocks or 12 block faces and are only allowed on collector or local streets. Residential parking zones are only considered for streets when:

  • more than 50% of parked vehicles belong to non-residents
  • two-thirds (66 2/3%) of those homeowners petitioned agree to a residential parking zone on the street in front of their house

To apply

  • First, send a letter identifying the exact location for the desired residential parking zone to Parking Services (PO Box 1790, Regina, SK S4P 3C8).
  • Parking Services will determine if the majority of vehicles parked in this area are vehicles belonging to non-residents.
  • If all general conditions are met, you will receive a blank petition, listing the names of property owners in that area. You must contact each person listed in the petition and obtain their signature and whether or not they want the residential parking zone. Two-thirds of petitioners must agree to the new zone.
  • Return the completed petition to Parking Services, who will notify you in writing whether your request/petition was successful.