Image of the City of Regina

Setting Speed Limits

As per the Traffic Safety Act T-18.1,  the City of Regina has established the Traffic Bylaw, No. 9900 which identifies the speed limits for all roads in our community. These speed limits are determined based on dry pavement conditions.

  • Within city limits, the default speed limit on all roads is 50 km/h unless otherwise posted, as per Section 10(1) of the Bylaw.
  • School zones are maximum 40 km/h as indicated by signage and alleys are maximum 30 km/h as per the Bylaw.
  • Construction zones with temporary speed reductions for safety must also be observed.
  • All motorists are expected to reduce their speed in adverse weather conditions.

The authority to change the legal speed limit on Regina roads rests with City Council, however,  Administration makes recommendations on appropriate speed limits.

Determining a road’s speed limit

Calculating a recommended speed limit for a particular street is influenced by:

  • roadway geometry
  • adjacent land use
  • traffic volumes
  • accident history
  • established North American traffic engineering procedures

In North America, the procedure to establish an appropriate speed limit is based on the “85th percentile speed” principle. This means the speed limit will be set as near as practical to the speed at which 85% of vehicles are travelling along that road.

Experience across North America has shown that 85% of drivers will operate their vehicle at a speed that is reasonable and prudent.