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Traffic Lights

The City of Regina monitors and carefully analyzes traffic patterns at intersections before recommending whether or not a traffic signal should be installed. If you notice traffic light issues, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000.

Red Light Safety Program

The goal of the Red Light Safety Program is to change driver behaviour at high-risk intersections by issuing tickets for violating red traffic signals. The technology uses digital imaging to monitor these intersections for vehicles that proceed into an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. It captures images of the violation and the vehicle’s license plate.

Cameras are located at:

  • Albert Street and Saskatchewan Drive
  • Albert Street and Parliament Avenue
  • Lewvan Drive and Dewdney Avenue

Registered vehicle owners are ticketed $230 for a red light violation. Tickets are issued in the same manner as the photo enforcement tickets, through Regina Police Service. A late charge of $60 is added to the fine if it not paid within 60 days. The Driver’s License of the registered vehicle owner cannot be renewed until the fine and late payment charges have been paid.

The revenue from the Red Light Safety Program will be used to offset costs associated with running the program and the remainder will go to general revenue.

Pay your red light ticket online

Specialized traffic signals - Green turning arrows

Green turning arrows are installed at qualified intersections. Generally this includes where there is a large number of vehicles making left-hand turns during rush-hour, or when approaching traffic is so heavy that vehicles cannot make the left-hand turn in two or three cycles during peak hours. There are some intersections where safety can be increased by adding green turn arrows. These intersections are analyzed to determine if it’s warranted.

To make a recommendation for a green turning arrow:

Note the location of the intersection, time of day you believe a green turning arrow would benefit and in what direction (northbound, southbound, eastbound, westbound).

Provide this information using the City's online Contact Us form.