Image of the City of Regina

Discover the history of I Love Regina

I Love Regina logo“I Love Regina” was initiated by the Mayor’s Office to change people’s attitudes and improve the city’s image. But those 3 little words have done so much more; they have changed Regina economically, culturally, socially, and environmentally.

“I Love Regina” became a campaign to build Regina’s image here and across Canada. By wearing the “I Love Regina” logo, residents and former residents can show their love and fondness for Regina.

“I Love Regina” was officially born on June 28, 2002 at the Conexus Arts Centre with a community pep rally. With more than 500 citizens in attendance, 150 new or returning residents were warmly welcomed to Regina. The pep rally was colourful, loud and proud featuring moving testimonials from community leaders and Regina’s newest boosters. They all spoke about the amazing quality of life Regina has to offer, and how the Queen City is truly second to none.

Our community brand, Infinite Horizons was built on the solid foundation created by I Love Regina. It is a reflection of the now positive outlook projected by Regina residents, and the momentum of our growing city. Infinite Horizons simply would not have been possible without the shift in attitude triggered by the I Love Regina initiative.

I Love Regina logo - 2010Because of I Love Regina we can boldly tell the world that yes, our horizons are infinite – come see for yourself. I Love Regina will have a larger presence in our community than ever before, and now with the alignment of the community brand and our internal pride campaign there will be more opportunities to celebrate our community.

Celebrate the love of our city during annual events such as the I Love Regina day.