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Band now to prevent cankerworms

Thu Apr 06 12:03:41 CST 2017

It’s time to spring into action to protect your trees from cankerworms, and we especially need your help this year. Based on forecasts, we are expecting more cankerworms in 2017. We all have a part to play to keep them under control. The strategy is tree banding.

You have a small window of opportunity between April and May to get ahead of cankerworm invasions. Tree banding is simple. It does not cost much to do. It’s environmentally friendly. And it works. It’s an effective way to help stop cankerworms.

Here’s what you can do starting in April:
•    Band your elm, Manitoba maple and fruit trees.
•    Gather the things you will need to do it:
o    6-inch-wide band of insulation
o    Plastic garbage bag
o    Duct tape
o    Sticking agent like axel grease, Tanglefoot or Stick-em
•    Visit to see a step-by-step video on what to do.

Keep cankerworm bands on your trees until the end of May. After that, you can take them down. We’re also doing our part. The City has banded close to 500 trees for monitoring and control. The information we gather will be used to determine cankerworm infestations in Regina.

Help control cankerworms on your trees. Let’s get ahead of the pesky leaf eaters this year.