Image of the City of Regina

City announces new HQ for Regina Police Service

Fri Nov 10 11:18:55 CST 2017

The City and Regina Police Service (RPS) today announced that the former
Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) bus depot and head office will be
home to a new downtown headquarters complex, pending Council approval
November 27, 2017.

“A new police headquarters is the City’s number one facility priority and this was an
unexpected opportunity that we could not pass up,” said Mayor Michael Fougere.
“By utilizing this new building and the existing headquarters, we can provide RPS
with a completely refurbished home for a significantly lower cost than to build a new

The City’s offer to purchase the STC building, along with two neighbouring parking
lots, was approved by the Saskatchewan Government at a cost of $16.25 million. It’s
expected a further $21 million will be needed to repurpose the former STC building
along with facility improvements to the existing RPS headquarters.

For Police Chief Evan Bray, the new headquarters will provide Regina Police with a
functional and well-designed facility that will allow for the effective delivery of
services to the community and accommodates growth for the next 25 years.
“Our goal would be to begin moving personnel and using the space in 2019,” the
Chief said at the announcement outside current police headquarters. “The size,
condition and location of the STC facility provides a unique opportunity to create a
campus or compound that allows RPS to maintain a centralized location and satisfy
our long-term facility needs.”

Originally built in 1977, Regina’s police headquarters is now home to 575
employees, both sworn officers and civilian personnel. Changes in policing methods
over the past four decades, along with technology, exhibit holding and case
management, has resulted in significant overcrowding that has meant some
employees and business units were moved to other facilities around the City.

The approximately $37 million required to purchase the STC building, two parking
lots, and enhancements to the current headquarters, is about one-third the
estimated $140 million cost to construct a new police headquarters.
In addition to the STC bus depot and head office at 1734 Osler Street, the City’s
successful bid includes parking lots at 1644 Osler Street (across Saskatchewan
Drive) and 1773 and 1775 Broad Street, on the same block as the STC building.

The City’s Administration will bring forward a recommendation to City Council for
purchase approval at its public meeting on November 27 that contemplates using a
combination of reserves as the funding source for the purchase and associated