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City continues to repair record water breaks

Fri Sep 08 14:52:14 CST 2017

The City of Regina thanks residents for their patience while water leaks continue as the hot, dry weather lingers into September. So far in September, there have been 40 new main breaks reported. The weather is causing the ground to become dry and brittle, resulting in ground shifting which impacts City water pipes and service connections. The outcome is leaks and breaks.


We are averaging seven to 10 new breaks reported each day. City crews have been working extremely hard to repair as many leaks as they can in a day. In addition, water breaks where there are customers with no water are still being scheduled for repair within 24 hours.


When breaks are reported, they are assessed and prioritized, and crews install safety barricades or traffic restrictions if required. Priority is based on a number of factors such as severity, if residents are without water and how many are without water due to a single break, as well as if there are any safety concerns.


“We appreciate residents advising if they have no running water or if they see water pooling or gushing from the ground,” said Pat Wilson, Director of Water Works. “Even if there are barricades and we know there is a leak on the street, we may not be aware that a house has no running water.”


“We are constantly re-evaluating based on the most current information we have on hand, so that’s why it’s important for residents to let us know if they see changing conditions,” said Wilson. “Report water leaks or changing conditions for existing water breaks to Service Regina at 306-777-7000.“


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