Image of the City of Regina

City Dry Sand Supply Depleted

Fri Jan 12 16:30:00 CST 2018

Residents have been utilizing the City’s Winter Sandbox program, which provides free dry sand for residents to help make their sidewalks safer, like never before.

In an average year, residents use about 40 tonnes of sand. Within 36 hours, residents have taken 85 tonnes of sand already this season. The cost for this amount of sand is $2,600.

“This courtesy service has been in place for more than 10 years and never has the response been this high,” says Norman Kyle, Director of Roadways & Transportation. “This year’s weather has caused us to deplete our two year supply of dry sand, so as a result, we will now stock the sandboxes with the same sand/salt mixture we use in our ice control program.”

The sand/salt mixture is 94 per cent sand, six per cent salt and will be available immediately.

The City asks residents to use a small pail, like an ice cream bucket, and to take only what is required to ensure as many people can access the sand/salt mix as possible.

There are nine sandboxes located throughout the community and the list can be found on

The City is aware residents have reached the sandboxes only to find them empty. As the demand was surprising and overwhelming, crews are working to keep up with filling the bins, while focusing on their priority of ice control on arterial and collector roads and sidewalks that are the responsibility of the City.