Image of the City of Regina

City installing recycling bottle baskets

Fri Sep 01 12:40:04 CST 2017

The City of Regina will be installing recycling bottle baskets throughout the Downtown core and along 13th Avenue in the Cathedral neighbourhood.

The bottle baskets provide the public with a convenient option to recycle beverage containers in public spaces, reduce litter and divert recyclable material from the landfill.

“The City is focused on increasing the diversion rate through the development of new programs and services,” said Mayor Michael Fougere. “This program demonstrates our commitment to increase our waste diversion rate and extend the life of the landfill.

The recycling bottle baskets were made possible, in part, through contributions from the SARCAN Public Space Recycling Grant that supports local community recycling initiatives.

“We’re happy to award the SARCAN Public Space Recycling Grant to the City of Regina,” said Amy McNeil, Executive Director, SARC/SARCAN Recycling. “There are large quantities of empty beverage containers going into the garbage when they could be recycled.”

The City’s focus is extending the life of the landfill by diverting waste through continued research and implementation of services outlined in Waste Plan Regina. For more information visit

Did you know? These baskets have been successfully implemented in Saskatoon through the SARCAN Public Space Recycling Grant and other cities in British Columbia as part of the ‘Return it’ Streetscape Bin Campaign.