Image of the City of Regina

City wants more clarity on National Housing Strategy

Thu Nov 23 08:54:39 CST 2017

Regina’s Mayor is optimistic following the release of the federal government’s National Housing Strategy (NHS). Wednesday’s announcement included commitments to replace rent subsidies set to disappear as social housing operating agreements expire, as well as a commitment to repair social housing and to invest in affordable housing construction. An increased investment in the Homelessness Partnering Strategy is also expected to launch April 1, 2019 with a $2.2 billion investment over 10 years, with the goal of reducing homelessness by 50 per cent.

“Housing and homelessness are major priorities for Regina, and any move by the federal government to address these needs for our residents is welcome,” said Mayor Fougere. “Although further analysis and details are required, the redesigned homelessness program should greatly assist in meeting the needs of those who are vulnerable, such as women, children, Indigenous peoples, seniors, and those dealing with disability issues, mental health and addiction issues.”

The City of Regina has participated in consultations and requests for input issued by the government prior to the formation of the strategy. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Big City Mayors’ Caucus, on which Mayor Fougere sits, have also recommended several initiatives that have been adopted in the NHS plan, such as dedicated grants for social housing repairs and a focus on developing mixed-income social and affordable housing.

“We know that social housing, below-market housing, is one of the greatest areas of need in Regina. A greater federal activity and presence in this area could make a life-changing difference for hundreds of families."