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Curbside Organic Waste Pilot Project Coming to Regina - Moving Regina toward the 65 per cent residential waste diversion target

September 25, 2018

City Council has approved moving forward with a pilot project prior to implementing
a year-round curbside organic (food and yard) waste collection and processing
service. Organic waste makes up about 50 per cent of residential waste and is a
resource that can be used to make valuable products like nutrient-rich compost and

“Adding a curbside organic waste service to our current solid waste management
programs is a big step to making Regina a more sustainable community,” says
Mayor Michael Fougere. “Once a permanent program is in place, it has the potential
to increase residential diversion from the landfill by more than 30 per cent annually.”

City Council adopted the Enhanced Residential Service Level Option for residential
households, as outlined in Waste Plan Regina. In order to achieve the 65 per cent
residential diversion target, additional services and supporting programs are needed,
specifically a program to collect and process organic waste.

“We are committed to providing residents with convenient, effective and affordable
waste services, including long-term management of the City’s landfill. An organic
waste service will meet current and future waste disposal needs while protecting the
quality of life of future generations,” says Lisa Legault, Director of Solid Waste. “The
City has a role to play by adopting leading practices in waste management and
educating residents on how to successfully separate and divert household waste
from the landfill.”

The pilot will be designed to evaluate customer experience and operational aspects
of a year-round weekly organic waste service. Participants will have the opportunity
to provide feedback that will be used to evaluate and establish city-wide
implementation. There will be no cost to the participants of the pilot.

Until the organic waste service is available to all residential properties that currently
receive City provided waste services, expansion of the current yard waste depot
service will move to a large single site that can operate throughout the growing
season (April to November).

Implementation Plan:
 Replace the current yard waste depot program with a single-site location for
     spring 2019.
 Begin the competitive procurement process for a consultant with expert
    knowledge and experience in the implementation of residential organic waste
     diversion programs.
 Begin the competitive procurement process for the collection of residential
    curbside organic waste for the pilot period only.
 Begin the competitive procurement process for the construction and operation
    of an organic waste processing facility.
 A pilot curbside organic waste service will be initiated to finalize operational
 The pilot project will give residents the opportunity to use the service and
    provide feedback that will be incorporated into the City-wide implementation.
 Evaluate the pilot and adjust the final implementation plan.
 Prepare and present the final implementation plan to City Council.
2022 or 2023
 Roll out curbside organic waste collection service to everyone who receives
    City garbage and recycling collection service.
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