Image of the City of Regina

Emergency Services Training Exercise

March 14, 2019

On Friday, March 15, Regina Fire & Protective Services and Canada Revenue Agency are partnering in a multi-agency training exercise. This emergency simulation will test procedures and processes of participating organizations to ensure they are effective for the safety and well-being of residents and staff.
This training exercise will take place on Smith Street between 12th Avenue and Victoria Avenue, 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Smith Street will be closed to traffic. Several emergency service vehicles will be in the area and may have their emergency lights on during the exercise, as is normal practice. There will be no live ammunition used during this training exercise.
There will be no public involvement in this training exercise and residents are asked to try and avoid the area if they do not have business around this location.
Along with Regina Fire & Protective Services and Canada Revenue Agency, participants in this exercise include Regina Transit, Regina Police Service, Saskatchewan Health Authority and Public Safety Canada.
Just a reminder to residents that, even though this is a training scenario, if they witness a real crime or other emergency, please call 911.