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February sets record number of water main breaks - Residents asked to report a new leak or changing conditions

March 4, 2019

A record breaking number of water breaks occurred in February as a result of the

ground shifting caused by the extreme cold weather. City crews are responding as
quickly and safely as we can to repair them.

We have had a total of 52 water main breaks in the month of February, compared to
a five-year average of 17.

“The City’s highest priority is to ensure the quality of our water and the safety of our
residents,” said Pat Wilson, Director, Water, Waste and Environmental Services.
“The City evaluates based on the latest information available which is why we rely
on residents to let us know if they see changing conditions, as the break may get
worse quickly.”

Residents can help by reporting water leaks or changing conditions at an existing
water main break. Please call Service Regina at 306-777-7000.

When breaks are reported, City staff are dispatched to assess and prioritize. They
put up safety barricades or arrange traffic restrictions, if required. To maintain water
to residents in the affected areas, the water will continue to leak until crews begin
the repair work, as long as there are no safety concerns.

Breaks are prioritized based on severity, whether residents are without service and
how many are out of service due to a single break. The City will stop work on a lower
impact break to go fix a higher impact one.

We thank residents for their patience.