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Fire ban effective 5 p.m. today in city limits

Fri Sep 08 14:55:45 CST 2017

Under the authority of The Fire Bylaw No. 2005-18, Regina Fire & Protective Services has issued a fire ban for the City of Regina, effective at 5 p.m. today, to ensure our citizens and community remain fire safe.

All solid fuel burning fire pits that use clean seasoned wood, manufactured fire logs and charcoal are banned from use until further notice. Fire pits and barbeques that are fueled by propane or natural gas are exempt from the fire ban.

Regina Fire & Protective Services has been monitoring the situation closely. The following conditions were determining factors:

  • the onset of fall, which always produces an abundance of dormant vegetation
  • the exceptionally dry summer Regina has experienced
  • moisture conditions of the remaining ground vegetation have deteriorated dramatically over the past week, especially in the City’s parks, open spaces and undeveloped lands.

We remind citizens to carefully dispose of smoker’s material in an approved container and not in flower pots, planters or plastic containers. Smoker’s material should be discarded in a metal container that is partially filled with sand or gravel. As an additional precaution, smokers should not discard materials out of vehicle windows.

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