Image of the City of Regina

Invitation for Feedback – Smart Outcomes for Our City

Wed Mar 07 12:13:48 CST 2018

The City of Regina seeks your input on identifying how data and connected technology could improve the lives of Regina residents.  

The City is competing for $10 million through the federal government’s Smart Cities Challenge. The competition, sponsored through Infrastructure Canada, calls on communities across the country to bring forward their best ideas for innovation.  Communities are asked to submit and commit to work on one specific, compelling challenge.  

While the challenge can touch any aspect of community life, it provides the City with an opportunity to explore with its residents technology-enabled solutions to reduce our dependence on traditional bricks and mortar infrastructure.

As a first step in the application process, municipalities must submit a “challenge statement” - that is a brief declaration of an important issue or opportunity that can be addressed through data and connected technology. Learn more about Smart Cities and the Challenge at

Once the statement is finalized, the challenge will shape the City’s overall application, which will be further developed through collaboration and discussion with industry and other community partners. 

The challenge statement must be impactful and relevant to other Canadian Cities.  Help define our challenge statement by clicking on to share your ideas.  Residents can share their views until March 20, 2018.