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Ladybugs take over Regina! Kids encouraged to participate

Tue Jul 10 09:28:57 CST 2018

Be part of Regina’s lady bug pest control program! Up to 500,000 ladybugs are on the way to our City and children can learn all about their aphid-eating superpowers.  Building on last year’s engaging educational event, children will be able to join our pest control efforts by taking some ladybugs home to release in their yards.

Come join us:

Thursday, July 12
9:30 to 10:30 a.m. come and go
Victoria Park (southeast corner of Victoria Park – near the play structure)
*Cookies and ladybugs will be distributed while quantities last

Most of us experience aphid problems and don’t even know it. Ladybugs are hungry and they happen to like eating aphids, which is a benefit to us: 

• Ever notice gooey sap on your vehicle when it’s parked under a tree? That’s aphid honeydew and it can attract wasps and ants. Ladybugs can help out by keeping aphid honeydew under control.

• Ever see lots of aphids on your trees? Trees can get stressed from aphid populations. Ladybugs can fight aphids. In this way, they will help reduce the stress on our trees and be environmental friendly at the same time.

Join us to learn why it’s a win-win for us all with thousands of ladybugs coming to Regina. For more information, visit