Image of the City of Regina

Mayor Fougere to attend Big City Mayors’ meeting

Wed Nov 29 12:22:29 CST 2017

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere is heading to Toronto to attend a Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Big City Mayors’ Caucus (BCMC) meeting on Thursday. The busy agenda will include dialogue among the mayors on topics of growing concern like housing, trade and US relations, and cannabis legalization.

Mayor Fougere and other mayors, as well as provincial governments, have raised concern about the timeline for cannabis legalization.

“The recent National Housing Strategy shows the federal government is listening to the needs of our cities,” said Mayor Fougere. “BCMC is Canada’s strongest voice when it comes to urban issues, and I know we will be heard on this issue as well.”

Part of the meeting will serve as an Economic Summit designed to help mayors analyze the opportunities and challenges cities face as we build our growing communities. This will feature presentations from and dialogue with several experts in the fields of alternate revenue sources, innovation, and economic development.

“City Councils are forced to rely on an antiquated tax system that does not grow with the economy,” said Mayor Fougere. “When the body of government closest to residents receives only eight cents of every dollar collected in taxes, we need to look at every option for generating revenue and building infrastructure.”

BCMC brings together representatives from 22 of Canada's biggest cities, offering a forum for policy development on a range of issues affecting our largest centres and a direct channel through which to lobby the federal government on those issues.