Image of the City of Regina

Mayor to speak to international downtown audience

Thu Sep 14 16:19:58 CST 2017

Mayor Michael Fougere is participating in a panel at the 63rd International Downtown Association’s (IDA) Annual Conference and Tradeshow in Winnipeg on Friday morning where he will outline Regina’s vision for downtown revitalization.

Fougere will speak about the state of Regina’s downtown, reconciliation, and how best to build our cities in the future. He will outline the plan for the Regina Revitalization Initiative, which includes the construction of the city’s iconic new stadium and the redevelopment of the rail yard north of downtown.

“The International Downtown Association is a wonderful organization that is helping cities all over the world be as livable and vital as possible,” said Mayor Fougere. “This is a terrific venue in which to speak to a truly international audience about the Regina Revitalization Initiative and the many opportunities being created in our City.”

The panel also features Fougere’s mayoral counterparts from Saskatoon, Charlie Clark, and Winnipeg, Brian Bowman. The discussion begins at 8:30 a.m. at the RBC Centre, 375 York Avenue.