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Play by the rules and be fire safe this summer

Fri Jun 16 13:08:52 CST 2017

Like you, Regina firefighters spend time making special summer-time memories with family and friends through reunions, cookouts, picnics in the park and Sunday afternoon barbecues. But they also attended 2,158 incidents between May 1 and September 30 last summer.  Help reduce that number. Visit for valuable information so you can play by the rules and be safe this summer.

Careless cooking is the leading cause of fire in Regina. Learn the simple steps to cook safely this summer. Rule number one – stay put!  Please make sure an adult stays with the barbecue or stove if it is on and you are cooking.

Barbecue Safety Tips include:
•    Barbecue on a solid surface, away from trees, shrubs and overhangs.
•    Check all connections and the hose before the first seasonal use of the barbeque.
•    Always light the barbecue with the lid open.
•    Once the barbecue is lit, do not move it or leave it unattended.  
•    As soon as you finish barbecuing, turn off the grill controls then the valve on the propane tank.
•    Never use or store a barbecue indoors or in a garage.
•    For your charcoal barbecue, use only charcoal starter fluids, do not add fluid after coals have been lit and ensure coals are doused with water before discarding.
•    See for more detailed information on how to safely barbecue this summer.
The City understands the simple pleasure of time around an open fire and does allow fire pits in backyards. There are strict rules and a $300 fine per offense because they pose a serious safety risk if not set up and used properly.

Fire Pit Safety Regulations include:
•    Fires must be contained in a non-combustible receptacle, on a non-combustible surface and be covered with a heavy gauge metal screen.
•    Fire pits must be placed at least three metres from any combustible materials such as fences, houses, decks, bushes, overhanging branches and property lines.
•    Only seasoned wood, manufactured fire logs or charcoal can be burned. Burning debris for disposal purposes is not allowed, including leaves, twigs and scrap lumber.
•    At all times, fire pits must be supervised by an adult and a means to extinguish the fire must be near at hand.
•    See for full details on all city regulations on outdoor fire pits.

Another summer time favourite is fireworks displays. Family fireworks cannot be set off within city limits. Fireworks are only allowed if it is part of a fireworks display, a permit is issued by the Fire Marshal and the event is conducted by a licensed Fireworks Supervisor, Pyro Technician or Special Effects Pyro Technician.

Members of Regina Fire & Protective Services actively promote fire safety in our community through educational seminars and presentations. If you are part of an organization interested in learning about fire prevention, visit                                

For more information, call 306-777-7830 or email