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Power Outage at Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant - Residents encouraged to conserve water

December 5, 2018

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant has experienced intermittent power failures of varying durations since Saturday, December 1. Power was restored late yesterday but there is currently no power to the Water Treatment Plant.
“While there is no immediate risk to water quality or supply, we are asking residents to conserve water by limiting unnecessary usage like doing laundry at this time,” says Pat Wilson, Director of Water, Waste & Environmental Services. 
The City of Regina is using its reservoirs and has activated wells to supplement the reservoirs. Between our wells and reservoirs, the City has more than enough clean and safe water to supply our customers during these power outages.
Residents may notice a difference in water clarity over the next few days as the well water works its way through the water system.
Water is a priority to the City of Regina and is always safe.
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