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Priority bus signal on Arcola begins operation

Thu Dec 07 13:42:25 CST 2017

Starting Monday, December 11, Regina Transit riders travelling from Regina’s southeast corner of the community may arrive in the downtown a little quicker, thanks to the newly-installed priority bus lane and signal.

Motorists will notice the bus priority traffic signal in operation at the Arcola Avenue westbound and Ring Road northbound exit intersection.

• Cameras at the intersection will detect when Regina Transit buses are present in the newly-constructed transit only lane and will activate the bus priority signal.
• When active, a vertical white line is displayed on the signal, indicating that the transit bus can proceed through the intersection ahead of other vehicles.
• While the transit priority signal is displayed, the remaining traffic will have a red light.
• After the bus has crossed through the intersection, the signals will sequence as normal.

Check out this video demonstrating the bus priority lane/signal in action.

This project supports the Transportation Master Plan and aligns with the key priorities of the Official Community Plan which aims to provide residents with better multiple modal transportation options to move around our community.