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Proposed 2018 General Budget – Advancing Our Community Vision

Thu Feb 01 11:36:51 CST 2018

The City of Regina released its proposed 2018 General Fund Budget today. The proposed budget advances our community vision by maintaining services and service levels, with select increases to capital, police and fire. It can be viewed in detail at

“The proposed 2018 Budget maintains affordability. Regina has a history of reasonable mill rate increases that are among the lowest in Western Canada,” Holden said. “In 2018, we are recommending a mill rate increase of 3.86 per cent, plus one per cent dedicated to the Residential Roads Renewal Program.”

The proposed 2018 Budget’s goals include:
• Maintain services and service levels
• Continue to invest in infrastructure renewal
• Manage growth efficiently and effectively
• Maintain affordability for Regina residents
• Leverage third party funding from the provincial and federal governments

The proposed 2018 Budget builds on the significant work done in 2017 to adapt to the fiscal challenges facing municipalities and the provincial government as a result of economic changes, primarily in the resource sector. In the 2018 Budget, the City will incur a revenue loss of $4.6 million as Saskatchewan’s 2017-2018 Budget impacts are annualized. In addition, the provincial Revenue Sharing Grant is forecast to be $2 million less in 2018,
a 5 per cent reduction from 2017.

“Residents want good value for their property tax dollar. The City has worked diligently to find over $9 million in ongoing savings over the last 12 months.” City Manager Chris Holden said. “The proposed 2018 Budget continues to invest in key community priorities, including a $3 million increase in our annual contribution to capital and a $4.3 million increase for Regina Police Service and Fire & Protective Services.”

In total, $132 million will be invested in infrastructure renewal, maintenance and new construction this year. This work is funded through annual budget contributions, City reserves, development fees and federal/provincial funding.
Major capital projects include:

• $18 million for the Street Infrastructure Renewal Program
• $9.7 million for the Residential Roads Renewal Program which is funded through a dedicated 1 per cent mill rate
• $4.9 million for Bridge Infrastructure Renewal including realigning Eastgate Drive with a new bridge structure over Pilot Butte Creek
• $8.8 million to support the Facilities Asset Management Program which is designed to extend the life of City-owned facilities and lower costs in the future
• $11.9 million for a Waste Management Centre to better meet current and future program needs
• $12.4 million to construct a new Transit Fleet Maintenance Facility as the current facility no longer meets the functional requirements necessary to deliver required service levels
• $12 million for the new Regina Police Service headquarters’ complex to begin addressing the City’s number one facility need

This means a homeowner with an assessed property value of $350,000 (the average assessed home value in Regina) will pay an additional $7.70 per month for the municipal portion of their property tax. This does not include the education portion of property tax which is set by the provincial government and is collected by the City on its behalf and forwarded to the province.

The proposed budget will be considered at the Tuesday, February 27 City Council meeting. Regina residents, stakeholder groups and media are invited to attend this meeting at
5:30 p.m. in Henry Baker Hall at City Hall.

Residents with budget-related comments can appear as delegations to Council by filing a written brief with the Office of the City Clerk no later than noon, Thursday, February 22. These submissions will be made public on on Friday, February 23. For information on preparing a submission, visit or contact the Office of the City Clerk at 306-777-7262.