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Reminder: Smoking Bylaw Comes into Effect Tomorrow

Fri Jul 14 12:23:26 CST 2017

Residents are reminded that starting Saturday, July 15, 2017, the Smoking Bylaw, No. 2017-20 imposes higher restrictions on outdoor smoking and vaping. Highlights of the smoking bylaw:

•    Prohibits smoking and vaping at outdoor seating areas of restaurants, bars and similar  establishments.
•    Prohibits smoking and vaping at all City-owned or controlled land like playgrounds, spray pads, swimming pools, skating rinks, skate parks, dog parks, exercise facilities, track facilities, outdoor stadiums and sports facilities, hard surface courts and athletic fields. It also includes parks and open spaces, multi-use pathways and City-owned golf courses. Smoking and vaping are permitted on sidewalks, streets, parking lots and open air parkades.
•    Prohibits smoking and vaping within a 10 metre buffer zone of entrances, windows and air exchangers of public buildings.
•    Prohibits vaping in enclosed public places where smoking is prohibited under The Tobacco Control Act.
•    Has an exemption consistent with The Tobacco Control Act in relation to outdoor traditional spiritual and cultural ceremonies.
•    Has an exemption for teaching and testing devices in a vape retail store.

The changes reflect public priorities. Residents felt our community was lagging behind other municipalities in its regulations on outdoor smoking. The new bylaw means we are now ahead of many other cities, particularly regarding vaping and e-cigarettes.

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