Image of the City of Regina

Replacing pedestrian bridges

Thu Mar 08 13:12:21 CST 2018

The City of Regina will invest $660,000 to replace three pedestrian bridges in 2018.
These pedestrian bridges are located over the storm channel south of Murphy
Crescent, south of Ellison Crescent, and at 6th Avenue North and Sheppard Street.

The funding for this improvement comes from the Bridge Infrastructure Renewal
Program, which is in place to enhance public safety with regards to bridges.

Work will begin starting today at the pedestrian bridges over the storm channel south
of Murphy Crescent and south of Ellison Crescent. The new bridges will be built
directly beside the existing bridges, allowing them to stay open to pedestrians during
construction. Once the new bridges are completed, the existing ones will be

The third pedestrian bridge at 6th Avenue North and Sheppard Street is anticipated
to begin construction in April. Pedestrians will be asked to detour around the site, as
space constraints require the new bridge to be rebuilt in same location. Pedestrians
should watch for signs to indicate where to detour.

Work on all three bridges is expected to be completed by the end of May.
The City of Regina thanks residents for their understanding and patience while this
important infrastructure work is being completed.