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Spring has sprung on us, but we’re ready

Thu Feb 16 11:45:36 CST 2017

The weather is unseasonably warm for February and early signs of spring are appearing. City crews are busy managing this early thaw while being winter-ready until the ‘real’ spring arrives. We can remain optimistic.

In the meantime, here are some activities your municipal crews are working on in neighbourhoods across the City and how you can help us:

As we’re sure Old Man Winter isn’t finished, we’ve switched over a winter maintenance crew to start temporary repairs to potholes using cold mix. Once construction season begins, crews use hot asphalt for a longer-term repair.

Potholes are repaired by road priority first and then systematically, similar to winter road maintenance operations. Efforts are first focused on the safety of high-speed and arterial roads and then the local road network. Main streets, bus routes and high traffic volume streets receive a higher priority.

You can report dangerous or large potholes to Service Regina at 306-777-7000.

Catch basins

Crews have already been out opening blocked and frozen catch basins. You can help by clearing your neighbourhood catch basins of snow, ice and debris to provide a path for melting ice and snow to enter the storm drainage system. In most cases, blocked catch basins can be opened by chipping ice away.

The first priority for City crews are streets which are flooding and may flood residences or businesses. If you are not experiencing an emergency, please allow time for the water to enter the storm drain and/or City crews to clear the catch basins. If after 24 hours your catch basin is still plugged and you can’t get it open, please call Service Regina to report the blocked catch basin.

To locate your nearest catch basin, visit or call 306-777-7000.

Outdoor Rinks
The outdoor rink program is coming to an end as of Friday, February 24.

A number of rinks will continue to be maintained until Friday, March 10, although with the forecast calling for milder weather, maintenance of rinks may be limited because crews can’t flood the ice in such conditions. Skaters are asked to use their own judgement when using non-maintained rinks.

To find out if your site is still maintained, visit or call 306-777-7000.

Ice Safety
A warning that all bodies of water can be dangerous at this time of year. Stay safe and keep children away from lakes, creeks and storm channels during thin-ice conditions. It is also important to keep dogs on a leash when close to bodies of water.

During the spring melt, there may be fast-flowing water and undertows, as well as added hazards of debris and hidden dangers in the water. Runoff water is very cold and could cause hypothermia and paralysis within minutes. Parents should also caution children about playing in puddles as they could be icy underneath or have hidden dangers.

If you see anyone, especially children, playing on the ice or near dangerous water, call the Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500. In case of emergency, call 9-1-1.

Snow Storage Site
The Snow Storage Site is now operating under restricted hours due to warmer temperatures which create unfavourable ground conditions. Starting tomorrow, the site will be closed from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. If the warm weather remains and the ground conditions continue to deteriorate, we may need to close the site for the season with short notice to users. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.