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Ward boundaries to be reviewed

February 1, 2019

In accordance to Section 60 of The Cities Act, the City of Regina is required to review its ward boundaries after every three elections or when populations amongst wards vary by more or less than 10 per cent. Wards 2 and 4 now fall outside of that percentage.

The Regina Municipal Wards Commission is launching its review and invites Regina citizens to provide general comments on ward boundaries on or before Friday, February 22. Comments can be submitted as follows:

City of Regina

PO Box 1790
2476 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK  S4P 3C8

City Council is legislated to appoint the following three members to a Municipal Wards Commission:

  • A Justice designated by the Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan who shall act as the Commission chairperson
  • The City Clerk
  • A representative of the University of Regina designated by the President of the University of Regina

The Commission’s members are Madam Justice Lana Krogan (Chairperson); Jim Nicol, City Clerk; and Dale Eisler, U of R Senior Advisor of Government Relations.

The Commission ensures that the population of each ward is similar in number. This is done so that every resident’s vote has the same value as that of the next person and that each resident has adequate representation from the Ward Councillors.

For more information go to or contact the Office of the City Clerk at or 306-777-7262.