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Warmer weather creates runoff in storm channels

Fri Feb 23 11:06:53 CST 2018

Warmer temperatures are predicted for the next several days and that means ice and snow will begin to melt.

These conditions will generate water runoff, especially around storm channels, weakening ice conditions and making them unsafe. There may be fast-flowing water and undertows, as well as added hazards of debris and hidden dangers in the water. Runoff water is very cold and could cause hypothermia and paralysis within minutes.

Stay safe and keep children away from bodies of water, including Wascana Lake and creek, storm channels and detention ponds in residential areas. Parents and guardians are asked to take a few moments to remind children of this important safety rule. Parents should also caution children about playing in puddles as they could be icy underneath or have other hidden dangers.

Pets should be kept leashed when close to water. If a pet breaks through the ice, do not attempt to rescue it as you will be putting yourself in serious danger.

If you see people, particularly children, close to thin ice, call Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500. In an emergency involving people or pets, call 9-1-1.