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Water main breaks continue to challenge crews - Focus this week will extend to catch basins

March 11, 2019

City crews have kept busy responding to water main breaks.
We have had a total of 73 water leaks running. Our five-year average for this time of year is 17. The extreme cold weather we experienced at the beginning of the year has accounted for many of these leaks.
Breaks are prioritized based on severity, whether residents are without service and how many are out of service due to a single break. The City will stop work on a lower impact break to go fix a higher impact one.
Residents can help by reporting water leaks or changing conditions at an existing water main break. Please call Service Regina at 306-777-7000.
Starting this week, our crews will also be opening blocked and frozen catch basins.
There are approximately 22,000 catch basins across the city. At this time of year, we experience many freeze/thaw cycles in our weather and that creates some challenges for clearing catch basins.
Catch basins that have been previously opened can refreeze. We receive a high number of calls from residents to open frozen catch basins. The City prioritizes treating frozen catch basins based on the level of risk to public safety or the risk to property damage. Our crews are working as quickly as possible to open frozen and blocked catch basins.
You can help by clearing snow, ice and debris from your neighbourhood catch basins to provide a path for melting ice and snow to enter the storm drainage system. In most cases, blocked catch basins can be opened by chipping ice away.
To locate your nearest catch basin, visit or call 306-777-7000.