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Working Smoke Alarm Averts Tragedy

Fri Apr 07 16:20:34 CST 2017

A working smoke alarm saved the lives of five people this week in Argyle Park.

Regina Fire & Protective Services (RF&PS) responded to a fully involved house fire in the early morning hours of April 5. Upon arrival firefighters attended to five occupants of the home that managed to escape, and were in need of medical attention.

An investigation by Regina Fire & Protective Services has learned that a functioning smoke alarm was the contributing factor that prevented loss of life during this incident.

RF&PS urges that smoke alarms be tested at least monthly.

Battery operated smoke alarms and those that are hardwired into the electrical system that include a battery backup, must have the batteries changed at least annually.

RF&Ps encourages residents to replace all smoke alarms at least every 10 years.

Working smoke alarms increase your chances of escape by 50 per cent in the event of a fire.