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Street & Park Naming

How Streets & Parks are Named

The Civic Naming Committee uses guidelines approved by City Council to evaluate applications for
street names and park names  submitted by members of the public, developers and members of City administration. The Committee considers applications which identify names, events or other aspects of the environment.

The Committee works with the Regina Public Library Board and others in the community as required to do background research on proposed names and makes recommendations to the Regina Planning Commission on policy changes. The City of Regina also works with its regional partners to harmonize naming practices, aid in wayfinding and safeguard health and safety. 

Approved names go on the Master Lists for Street and Park Names. As our city grows, developers select names from the master list for street and park naming. Names remain on the list until a developer selects the name for use.

Applying for Street & Park Names

Applications for new street and park names may be submitted to Please indicate which guideline your suggested name applies under when submitting information. Applicants may submit internet links, newspaper articles, family history articles, resumes, obituaries, or any other documentation that may assist in preparing a report for the Civic Naming Committee.

Note: While the Civic Naming Committee celebrates the achievements of all successful applicants, health and safety concerns limit the amount of street and park names that can be named the same or similar names.

The Civic Naming Committee

The Civic Naming Committee consists of six members approved or nominated by the City Manager. This committee meets a minimum of two times per year and is administered by the Office of the City Clerk. Meetings are open to the public and members of the public may address the Committee by contacting

Civic Naming Committee is working to review current guidelines to address several issues with street and park naming. The goal is to create a single, harmonized guideline that addresses street and park naming, cleans up a number of housekeeping issues relating to street and park naming and addresses the backlog of names on the current Master Lists. This initiative has come from City Council and is a direct response to the City of Regina Cultural Plan. Issues such as translating street signs into Indigenous languages, street renaming and creating a sense of community and belonging within the larger community will be addressed.

If you have any questions about street and park naming, email or call