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Update School Tax Declaration

This Assessment & Tax eProperty function allows you to update your school tax declaration.

About School Tax Declaration

The school tax declaration is a declaration of faith, not of school support. To support a separate school division, you must be a member of the Roman Catholic faith.

If property owners do not complete a school tax declaration with the City of Regina, the individual is deemed to be a tax payer of the public school system under the Cities Act.

Where two or more individuals own property, they must direct their taxes to the public and separate school divisions in proportion to their ownership. 

Example 1: In the case where one joint owner is Roman Catholic and the other is not, the education taxes are allocated 50 per cent to the separate school division and 50 per cent to the public-school division.

Example 2: If three property owners all own equal shares in a property and only one property owner is Roman Catholic, the education taxes are allocated as follows: 33.3 per cent to the separate school division and 66.7 per cent to the public school division.  

Sole owners cannot split their taxes. An individual must declare their faith, which in turn determines to which school division their school taxes are allocated.


Steps to Update School Tax Declaration through your eProperty account

Under Assessment & Tax eProperty

  1. Select Update School Tax Declaration


  1. Select your desired school support


When the Separate option is selected, the following statement will display on the screen:

Select Yes to complete the request.


3. Review the property(s) to which the selected school tax declaration will be applied.

The school tax declaration is applied by ownership share percentage to all the properties owned by the individual declaring school support.


Review all notes and other disclaimers included on the form. If you agree:

4. Click on the check box to authorize the change

On the confirmation message;

5. Select OK