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Account Registration

Step 1: Establish a Service Account

A Service Account is required for law firms, mortgage companies and other third party agents to use Assessment & Tax eServices. Fees for applicable information requests will be charged to the Service Account.

Contact 306-777-7240 or email to establish a Service Account. A minimum deposit of $200 is required as per the Regina Administration Bylaw 2003-69. The email address used to set up your Service Account should be the same email address used to sign up for MyAccount and Assessment &Tax eServices.

Once the Service Account is created you will be provided with an account number that will be required to register your eService Account in Step 3 below.

Note: Third party agents are required to complete and return Agent Authorization Form for the current year.

Step 2:  Sign-up for MyAccount

To register for Assessment & Tax eServices, your company must first set up MyAccount by entering an email address and password, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Please note that only one email address can be attached to a Service Account. The email address attached to the Service Account will be the email address that will receive all Tax Searches and Certificates order through the Assessment & Tax eServices. It is important to give consideration to this email address. A corporate email address is recommended as changing an email address requires closing and setting up a new MyAccount Service.

Step 3:  Register for Assessment & Tax eServices  

To register for Assessment & Tax eServices, you will need:

  • Service Account Number (provided in step 1)
  • Access Code

Where can I find my Service Account number and how does my firm get an access code?

If your firm already as a Service Account, your account number is located on your monthly statement as an 8 digit number.

If your firm is setting up a Service Account to being using Assessment & Tax eServices, your account number will have been sent via email.

If you did not receive an access code, please contact 306-777-7240 or email