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Your Property Tax Notice

 Property tax notices for 2018 will be in the mail Wednesday, May 30.

Property taxes are due June 29, unless you are on the TIPPS program.  Other than mail, there are many tax payment options available: in person, online or the drive-thru kiosk.

If you do not pay your taxes in full by the June 29 deadline, you will be charged a monthly penalty of 1.25% applied to the outstanding balance of the first day of each month.

Taxes not paid by December 31 are considered in arrears and subject to tax enforcement. Monthly penalty rates of 1.5% apply to the outstanding balance on the first day of each month.

Your notice explained

Your tax notice provides information about the three main taxing authorities---Province, Library and City---and shows your share of municipal and education taxes. The explanations provide information to help you understand your tax notice:

TIPPS Notice / non-TIPPS notice

Note: If you pay your taxes monthly through the Tax Installment Payment Plan Service (TIPPS) program, you would receive a TIPPS notice. If you pay your taxes once a year, you receive the non-TIPPS notice.