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Tax Exemptions for Non-Profits

The City of Regina is developing a policy to provide direction on decisions for non-profit tax exemptions. Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. The consultation phase of this project is complete and a report with the findings is being preparted for Council.

Property tax exemptions are one tool available to support organizations that serve a public need.

Provincial legislation grants property tax exemptions for public properties such as schools, public hospitals, places of public worship, and provincially or municipally owned public buildings or land.  City Council has no authority over these exemptions.

City Council considers property tax exemptions for other properties within city limits. These decisions must balance community need with affordability for taxpayers.

Property taxes are the main source of revenue for the City. This revenue is required to cover the costs of delivering City services. When a property tax exemption is granted, the cost is spread across the remaining tax base to maintain funding for services.