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Understand Your Assessment

Photo of Regina's downtown coreProperty taxes are based on your property's assessed value. Your assessment is determined by the Assessment Branch following provincial legislation and the rules and regulations contained in the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual.

Assessment is a way of distributing the tax load so owners of properties with similar values pay similar taxes.

Reassessment 2017

  • A reassessment is required by provincial legislation to occur every four years. This means in 2017 all properties in the province will have the assessment values updated.
  • The reassessment will update the assessments to reflect the general property values as of January 1, 2015.
  • While all property values have risen - what determines a change in taxes due to reassessment for an individual property is how it changed in comparison to the overall average change in the tax class group.
  • Properties that are increasing in value faster than the average change in the tax class group will see increases and properties that increased in value below the average change will see decreases in taxes.
  • Letters advising of the impact of reassessment will be mailed to each property owner August 29, 2016.
  • The reassessment process is revenue neutral for the City, which means no increase in total taxes.
  • Increases in total taxes only occur through the budget processes of the City and Library Board and the mill rate is set to achieve the taxes approved in the budget.
  • The province sets province wide mill rates for education.  (unknown at this time)
  • Tax policy decisions and the budget will not be made until Q1 of 2017

To learn more about assessment, you can also visit Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency or Publications Saskatchewan to access all online publications of all provincial regulations and documents including assessment.