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Performance Measures

Performance Measurement Program

The City of Regina participates in the Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (MBN Canada) program. The MBN Canada is one of several tools the City uses to guide in planning future allocations of human and financial resources. It shows how Regina compares to other Canadian cities and regional municipalities. The MBN Canada’s annual Performance Measurement Report is one mechanism to identify areas where the City performs well and areas where improvements may be in order. It will continue to be an important tool in assisting the City meet its goal of continuous improvement.

The reasons for participation in the MBN are:

  • To measure how effectively and efficiently the City delivers services
  • To guide the City in planning, budgeting and service delivery
  • To assess trends in the City’s performance over time
  • To assist in continuously improving the value provided to Regina residents

There are many influencing factors that impact comparison data from year-to-year and municipality to municipality. These vary from measure to measure and commonly include:

  • Population served
  • Geography and Climate
  • Economic Conditions
  • Age and variety of infrastructure
  • Government Structure
  • Organizational form