Image of the City of Regina

2018 Budget Highlights

Efficient & Effective Use of Tax Dollars

The 2018 Budget provides good value for Regina residents’ property tax dollars. Administration has found more than $9 million in ongoing savings over the last 12 months to be more efficient and effective. Measures included vacancy and overtime management, absorbing the cost impact of an additional 1% on the Provincial Sales Tax that took effect in 2017, and better integration and coordination of services, among others.


Investment in Infrastructure

Renewing and maintaining roads, bridges and facilities is a priority for residents. The 2018 Budget increases our capital investment. In total, $132 million will be invested in infrastructure renewal, maintenance and new construction this year.


Investment in Public Safety

The 2018 Budget advances our community vision by maintaining services and service levels, with select increases to capital, police and fire services. Funding for Regina Police Service and Fire & Protective Services is increasing by $4.3 million.  


Maintaining Affordability

Regina remains one of the most affordable cities in Canada. The Budget includes a mill rate increase of 3.34%, in addition to the pre-approved 1% mill rate dedicated to the Residential Roads Renewal Program. The homeowner with an assessed home value of $350,000 (Regina’s current average assessed value) will pay an additional $6.88/month for the municipal portion of property taxes.