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Energy Codes for Buildings

The National Energy Code for Buildings 2017 (NECB 2017) and Section 9.36 of the National Building Code 2015 come into force on January 1, 2019 in the province of Saskatchewan. Please note:

  • Section 9.36 of the NBC 2015 applies to:
    • Part 9 buildings of Group C occupancy
    • Part 9 buildings of Group C, D, E, or F3 occupancies where the combined floor area of non-residential occupancies does not exceed 300 m2
    • Note: Section 9.36 does NOT apply to all Part 9 buildings. Therefore Part 9 buildings that do not fall within the scope of Section 9.36 are required to adhere to the NECB
    • Section 9.36 will be applied to new buildings and additions. Consideration will continue to be made regarding the application to alterations and renovations
  • NECB 2017 applies to:
    • Part 3 buildings
    • Part 9 buildings that are beyond the scope of Section 9.36
    • Any building to which Section 9.36 applies, but the owner/applicant chooses to conform to the NECB
    • The NECB specifically applies to new buildings and additions

The energy codes provide various compliance pathways including:

  • Prescriptive
  • Prescriptive with Trade-Off
  • Performance (Energy Modeling)

Designer Qualification:

  • Section 9.36: A competent person is required to ensure conformance with Section 9.36. A competent person is someone who is familiar and fluent with Section 9.36 and acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • NECB: A design professional (an engineer or architect licenced to practice in Saskatchewan) will be required to complete the design, review and inspections for conformance to NECB

The impacts of the energy codes will be significant and industry is advised to prepare as early as possible.


2015 National Building Code Adoption

The City of Regina implemented appropriate code review and compliance following the Province of Saskatchewan’s adoption of all parts of the 2015 National Building Code, except Section 9.36 Energy Efficiency.

The National Plumbing Code of Canada, 2015, with Saskatchewan amendments is in force. The National Energy Code and Section 9.36 of the National Building Code will take effect January 1, 2019.

Residential Review Process for Trusses and Other Designs

(also applies to Townhouses)

The review and inspection process for products beyond the scope of Part 9 of the National Building Code has changed to help ensure the construction of safe, healthy and habitable buildings. Products or components outside the scope of Part 9 must be designed and sealed by a professional engineer or architect.

The process was implemented June 1, 2018. Check out the new information package

Residential Building Inspections

After the building permit is issued, residents and contractors are now required to schedule their residential building inspections. Construction may not proceed until the previous inspection has been passed. Next day inspections can be arranged by calling 306-777-7000 before 3 p.m.

Visit Residential Building Inspections for more details.


2018 Monthly Building Permit Report