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Apply for a Residential Building Permit

industrial-10Pick your project – Select a project from the menu on the right. Review the project application submission package, which includes a project checklist that must be completed and included with your application. Contact us at 306-777-7000 for further information or assistance.

Note: For addition or alteration projects, use the Single Family Dwelling submission package.

Complete your application submission package – Ensure you have all the required documents completed for your application. For most projects, this will include the following

  • Building permit application (signed by the legal property owner, as well as the applicant)
  • Checklist
  • Two sets of all required documents, as noted in the submission package
  • Mechanical and electrical drawings, where required
  • Residential Permit Fee Calculation Form  (This document is in Excel format and auto calculates. If you require assistance with this form, call 306-777-7000.)
  • Ventilation summary of design
  • Residential Review Process for Trusses and Other Designs
  • Architect’s or Engineer’s Seal: If your project requires a foundation plan, you must have it stamped by an engineer or architect (excluding accessory building plans), licensed in the province of Saskatchewan.
  • Any other information, zoning permissions, permits or plans required under law.

Contact SaskPower for inspections and permits for gas or electrical work including new connections/lines or changes to existing connections/lines.

For information on water meter installation and regulation, call 306-777-7000.

Submit your application – Building permit applications may be submitted between 8 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. weekdays (holidays excepted) by visiting:

Development Services, Main Floor, City Hall, 2476 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK Phone: 306-777-7000

Residents are reminded that they must bring photo ID in order to receive a visitor's pass to enter the City Hall tower.

The City will review your application to ensure it meets all building, heritage, zoning, landscaping, engineering, environmental, disposal, assessment, open space and utility regulations and/or bylaws. View permit timelines.

After Approval – Once your permit is approved, you will receive an email inviting you to pick up your permit and advising you of the permit fee. Your permit is not issued until you have picked up your permit and paid the permit fee.

Note: Construction cannot begin until the permit is issued. If work commences prior to issuing of a building permit, you will be subject to a surcharge.

Arrange for a Building Inspection - It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure required inspections are conducted at the appropriate stages in the project. Avoid unnecessary delays, know when and whom to call to schedule your residential building inspections.