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You will need to obtain a building permit to install a fireplace in your home. As well, you must comply with all zoning requirements and building codes. Contact SaskPower if you require a permit or inspection for electrical work or for gas work. (i.e., new connections/lines or changes to existing connections/lines.)

To apply:

You will need to submit the following information with your completed building permit application:

  • 2 copies of the site plan drawn to scale with metric dimensions showing the location of the fireplace in relation to property lines and the dwelling
  • 2 copies of fireplace details:
    • for masonry fireplaces, provide cross-sectional drawings
    • for factory-built fireplaces, provide manufacturer’s brochure that lists model number and approval agency.
  • Permit fee
  • Ventilation Summary of Design
  • Fireplace Submission Package

Note: Construction cannot begin until the permit is issued. If work commences prior to issuing of a building permit, you will be subject to a surcharge.