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Build on Your Property

Building permits ARE required for:

  • new building or structures on your property likCity staff put up siding on Regina Habitat for Humanity homee a house, mobile home, garage, deck or other accessory building
  • recreation rooms, secondary suites or fireplaces in your home
  • parking lots
  • the demolition, repair, alteration or addition to an existing building or structure, including damp proofing and foundation repairs (read subsection 2.5 of the Building Bylaw for foundation repair information)
  • the move of an existing building or structure (read about overdimensional moves under Roads & Traffic)
  • installation or replacement of any fire alarm system
  • Heritage buildings require a heritage alteration permit for alterations to siding, roofing materials and windows, and also when the scope of the work being done would require a building permit. Information for property owners of a designated heritage property or a property listed on the Heritage Holding Bylaw is available here.

Building permits are NOT required if the entire scope of the project consists only of:

  • a fence
  • a sidewalk
  • a driveway
  • cabinetwork
  • painting or decorating
  • a play structure
  • an accessory building that is less than 10 square metres in area, provided the building does not create a hazard. However, this accessory building must conform to zoning regulations
  • pergolas and gazebos that are not attached to the house and are over 10 square meters in area do not require a building permit, but do require a development permit

Contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 for more information.


Residential permit timelines

With warmer weather comes the influx of building permit applications to City Hall. In order to better help you plan for your building project, the City will now be posting timelines for residential permit application approvals. We are currently processing and approving residential permits in an average of 11 working days. (Note: This does not include the additional time required when revisions are made by the applicant or the permit is on hold waiting for further information.)

You can help improve process times by:

  • submitting a complete application with all required documentation
  • providing the correct number of copies of all documentation accompanying the application. (Refer to Permit Fees for photocopying fees.)

The number of days to an approved residential permit is based on the average for all residential permits and is updated every Monday, based on the previous week’s statistics.


Commercial Permit timelines

The minimum review time of a commercial building permit application is four to six weeks from the date a completed application is submitted. Review times increase depending on project type, required circulation and construction season. Apply early and review the information package and supporting documents prior to submission.

View applications, checklists and more.