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Private Swimming Pool

If you are building a swimming pool or hot tub, you will require a building permit.

To apply

You will need to submit the following information with your building permit application:

  • Cross-section of the fence enclosing the pool
  • List of all safety equipment, which must include a ring buoy with rope; 3 m life pole; emergency lighting; and life line near shallow end of pool
  • 2 copies of each of the following documents
    • site plan, drawn to scale in metric terminology, will indicate the size of the lot; all property lines; size and location of all buildings; size, location and volume of the pool; any easements; location of the heater and filter, and where the backwash water will drain. All construction details must be submitted complete with appropriate professional seals for concrete pools.
    • pool specifications listing the type of pool being installed; heater maker and size; pump make and capacity; filter type and size; chlorination system details; number, size and flow rate of all skimmers, outlets, main drain and inlets; location of all plumbing lines (including connections and valves); and the location of depth markings, ladders, diving boards, and lifeline.
  • Permit fee

Note: You may also need to obtain electrical and gas permits for your pool in addition to the ones listed above. Contact SaskPower if you require a permit or inspection for electrical work or gas work.

Construction cannot begin until the permit is issued. If work commences prior to issuing of a building permit, you will be subject to a surcharge.