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Building Codes

Building codes establish predictable and consistent minimum standards that are applied to the quality and durability of construction and construction materials across the province and country.

Examples of building codes include:

Each municipality is responsible for the enforcement of these Codes, Acts, and regulations in the area in which it has jurisdiction.

As part of its building permit process the City of Regina reviews and approves plans for construction that meet building codes and bylaws. The City of Regina will also conduct inspections during construction to verify that building code regulations have been followed.

Adoption of 2015 National Building Code

The Province of Saskatchewan is currently reviewing the adoption date of the 2015 National Building Code.  The City of Regina will implement appropriate code review and compliance once this is adopted and implemented by the Province. More details, including when the adoption may take place, will be provided as information becomes available.

Effective immediately, the National Plumbing Code of Canada, 2015, with Saskatchewan amendments is in force.

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