Image of the City of Regina

Before You Apply

Before you apply for your demolition permit, ensure that:

  • the site is not a building or structure listed under the Heritage Holding Bylaw or is within the designated Heritage Conservation District (the Transitional Area in the downtown.) A list of these properties is found under Heritage & History. If you have questions, contact the City of Regina at 306-777-7000.
  • all property taxes for the building(s) and property have been paid for the current year.
  • arrangements have been made with Public Works to inspect, seal off or remove obsolete sewer and water service connections.
  • arrangements have been made to stop other utilities such as gas, electrical or telephone.
  • you have a temporary street use permit , if it is necessary to disrupt traffic for your demolition.
  • your proposed demolition complies with all bylaws, acts, and regulations at the Federal, Provincial or Municipal level, even if it is not listed in the applications.