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Residential Building Inspections

The building owner or contractor is responsible for arranging building inspections. Construction may not proceed until the previous inspection has been passed.

To book an inspection:

  1. Call 306-777-7000 and request a residential building inspection. Inspections must be
    booked by 3 p.m. the day before. When scheduling your inspection, you will need to provide the following information:
    • Name of the person requesting the inspection
    • Contact phone number and name of the person who will be on site for the inspection
    • Builder name
    • Address of the inspection
    • Type of inspection and stage
    • Permit number
  2. The inspection will be booked for either morning or afternoon. On the day of your inspection, the Residential Building Inspector will call the contact number provided between 8 and 8:30 a.m. to confirm the appointment and type of inspection, and arrange an approximate time for the on-site inspection.

During the inspection:

  • The building owner, contractor or designate must be on site for the inspection.
  • A copy of the approved stamped plans must be made available on site for the inspector’s use during the inspection.
Type of ProjectMinimum # of InspectionsWhen to call for a Residential Building Inspection
Single Family Dwelling/New Home 5

Foundation – Re-bar, prior to concrete pour
Prior to backfill – After subfloor has been installed
*Real Property Report Submitted - after foundation is completed and prior to framing inspection
Framing – after mechanical and electrical rough in, prior to insulation
Insulation – after vapour prior to drywall
Final – once all safety items are in place prior to occupancy

Basement Development/Secondary Suite 3 Framing – after mechanical and electrical rough in, prior to insulation
Insulation – after vapour prior to drywall
Final – once safety items are in place
4 Foundation – prior to Backfill
Framing – after mechanical and electrical rough in, prior to insulation
Insulation – after vapour prior to drywall
Final – once all safety items are in place
Detached Garage/Accessory Building 2 Framing – Doors and windows are in place, prior to any interior finishing
Final – once all work complete
Decks 2 Framing – Once supporting structure is in place ie: posts, beams etc.
Final – once all guards and handrails are complete
Demolition 1 Final – all buildings removed and site cleaned up
Foundation Repair 1 Final – repair completed and prior to covering

*Framing inspection will be refused if Real Property Report has not been submitted.

Once the inspection is complete, the representative of the property owner/contractor/applicant will sign the inspection form and receive a copy. This copy of the inspection provides the all-clear to continue with construction or notes any deficiencies that need to be addressed prior to passing that inspection stage. If a re-inspection is required, this will be noted on the inspection form.

A re-inspection fee of $100 + GST shall apply for the following reason:

  1. An inspection has been scheduled but there is no access to the site.
  2. An inspection has been scheduled but cannot be carried out because the project is not complete as required to perform the inspection. i.e. Booking a framing inspection prior to mechanical and electrical rough-ins being complete will result in a re-inspection fee. Refer to “When to call for a Residential Building Inspection” chart above for further clarification.
  3. Any inspection requiring more than one re-inspection due to corrections not being addressed or corrected at the subsequent inspection. You will be allowed one scheduled inspection with one correction re-inspection.  Any subsequent inspections require the re-inspection fee to be paid prior to an inspector will come out, pertaining to that stage of construction.

This fee is to be collected prior to scheduling any subsequent inspection. The inspector will not be able to confirm or conduct any additional inspections until the re-inspection fee has been collected.  Should the builder continue work without paying or booking the re-inspection, the inspector will require any covered areas to be removed for the re-inspection to occur.

Fees may be taken by credit card over the phone by contacting Service Regina at 306-777-7000 and requesting the permit counter or in person at the permit counter at City Hall.

Note: For most permit types, a City of Regina Property Assessor will also visit the property. This is separate from the inspection process.


Frequently Asked Questions


Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical inspections can be scheduled the same day. After a permit has been issued, the permit applicant or contractor may phone 306-777-7292 between 8 and 9 a.m. and speak to a mechanical inspector. Prior to any plumbing being enclosed or covered, it must be inspected and approved by a mechanical inspector. Inspections must occur while the plumbing is under pressure test (air or water).

Mechanical Inspections include:

  • Plumbing - work must be completed and called in by a Journeyperson with a Certificate of Qualification issued pursuant to section 29 of The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Regulations; or a company that employs one or more certified Journeyperson(s)
  • Residential and commercial ventilation
  • Water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer pipe installation on private property (not city property)
  • Final residential and commercial completion inspections
  • Backflow prevention devices identified in the permit application